MULTIVOICE Unveils its “Full-Multiplex” MV-PROTECTOR Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom at the APCO 2015 Trade Show

Hurricane with Nexus leftDesigned specifically for use by Public Safety professionals — Police, Firefighters, EMTs, SWAT and more — the MV-PROTECTOR delivers a handsfree, simultaneous many-to-many wireless communication solution that can be deployed as a discrete field comms network or combined with existing P25 and/or Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio networks via MULTIVOICE’s MV-COMBINER technology. Both the MV-PROTECTOR and MV-COMBINER will be demonstrated for the first time this Monday and Tuesday at the APCO 2015 trade show in Washington, D.C.  

PROVO, Utah and WASHINGTON, D.C. — August 16, 2015 — MULTIVOICE™ announced it is unveiling its MV-PROTECTOR™ (the company’s newest Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom™) today and tomorrow at the APCO International trade show in Washington, D.C. in booth #1814. Designed specifically for use by police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), SWAT team members, and more, the MV-PROTECTOR delivers a unique handsfree wireless communications solution for Public Safety professionals. Specifically, MV-PROTECTOR systems allow multiple users to speak to multiple users simultaneously, something MULTIVOICE defines as “Full-Multiplex™.”

Unlike traditional Push-to-Talk (PTT) and P25 duplex or full-duplex radios that require users to push-and-hold a button to talk, MULTIVOICE utilizes its patented “Switch-to-Talk™” technologies to allow MV-PROTECTOR users to easily move between Talk and Listen Modes. In fact, an unlimited number of professionals can deploy on the same MV-PROTECTOR network, with up to eight users speaking at any one time across six different channels at ranges of up to one mile, with users switching in and out of Talk Mode as needed. MULTIVOICE is releasing two models of its MV-PROTECTOR Intercoms:
  • The standard “SQUAD™” model, as well as
  • The COMMAND™ model.
The primary advantage of the MV-PROTECTOR COMMAND model is that it guarantees its users will always have a Talk Slot available to them. The COMMAND model is also used by public safety professionals who need to communicate with multiple MV-PROTECTOR networks operating in the same location, such as a Battalion Chief directing multiple crews at a fire or a Commander coordinating efforts between multiple agencies responding to the same event. MV-PROTECTORs operate in the 900 MHz band (902—928MHz), utilize two rechargeable, internal 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer batteries, and deliver up to 18 hours of Talk Time between charges at ranges of up to one mile. The MV-PROTECTOR measures 5.3×3.3×1.3-inches, weighs 15.98 ounces, comes equipped with a 3.5-inch high antenna, and utilizes a patented and proprietary mixture of TDMA (Time Division Multiplexing Access), FDMA (Frequency Division Multiplex Access), and Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum technologies to deliver its Full-Multiplex capabilities. “MV-PROTECTOR takes communications in the public safety arena to a whole new level,” said MULTIVOICE CEO and President, Ron Fraser. “In many environments, Public Safety professionals need to use both hands to perform their jobs to be safe, effective and efficient — something that can be virtually impossible in many situations when they have to push-and-hold a button to talk. We eliminate those concerns with the Switch-to-Talk, Full-Multiplex “open mic” capabilities of our MV-PROTECTOR, something we suspect many Public Safety officials will find quite appealing — especially for intense situations.” At APCO 2015, MULTIVOICE will also publicly demonstrate the ability of its MV-COMBINER™ to seamlessly join MV-PROTECTOR networks to existing PTT, P25 and/or cellular networks. When needed, public safety professionals can utilize MV-COMBINERs to add Full-Multiplex, many-to-many communications capabilities to their P25 or PTT systems. The MV-PROTECTOR is available for testing and evaluation purposes immediately, with General Availability slated by December 31, 2015. For more information about the MV-PROTECTOR (or the MV-COMBINER), please visit or call 385-236-5111.


Formed in 2011, MULTIVOICE is poised to transform the two-way wireless radio industry (and the Public Safety arena) with its Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms — solutions that enable simultaneous and secure group communications among fearless individuals in rigorous environments. For more information please visit