Commercial / Industrial


Engineered to Endure. Built to Facilitate.

Most jobs in the commercial/industrial space require both hands. Current Push-to-Talk communication systems require users to push and hold a button to talk and they allow only one person to talk at a time. This means that on a daily basis, crews lose time while their hands aren’t on their tools. Welcome to OTTO Connect ™ manufactured by OTTO Engineering, Inc. MULTIVOICE’s founder has been creating state-of-the-art radio and communications systems over the past 25 years for the U.S. Government and Defense contractors. OTTO has now applied this precision and expertise to the world of builders & producers – people and companies who make and build stuff with their hands. With OTTO Connect, teams can communicate simultaneously and completely – hands-free. OTTO Connect is a military grade system that can handle anything you can – fog, driving rain, sleet, hailstorms, blizzard conditions and extreme heat of summer.

OTTO Connect is manufactured and sold by OTTO Engineering Inc. For more information contact us at 847.428.7171 or