The MV-ONE is the most advanced system placing all of the MULTIVOICE technology into a headset with no beltpack, wires and as always no base station.  Click for more info. 

MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms


MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms have the capability to enhance the communication of any football team. Built with Up-Tempo coaching in mind, MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms have no Base Stations, so they are easy to set-up and can be used in both practices and games. By using MV-AUDIBLEs during practice, teams can learn to speed up the time it takes to get plays onto the field to allow their offense to relentlessly attack the opponent’s defense come game time.

MV-NEXUS Intercoms

OTTO Connect

OTTO Connect brings increased safety through clear communication to any work environment. These intercoms allow a foreman to communicate with up to forty-three (43) workers simultaneously, all without the use of a complicated Base Station. All communication can be done hands-free, which allows workers to maintain the optimal amount of safety and clear communication.