MULTIVOICE “Storms the Field” with its MV-AUDIBLE Wireless Coaching Intercom; Coaches from Across America can get “Hands-on Demos” at THSCA 2015 Next Week

MV-AUDIBLE systems support an unlimited number of coaches, with up to 17 coaches speaking simultaneously across 4 channels, with 18-hours of Talk Time and a range of up to 4000 feet (greater distances possible with upgrades). Designed with the Up-Tempo game in mind, MV-AUDIBLEs do not have Base Stations, so set-up takes seconds, making the MV-AUDIBLE ideal for both game and practice settings.


PROVO, Utah and HOUSTON, July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – MULTIVOICE™ today announced the MV-AUDIBLE™ — the company’s newest Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom™ — a system that will be unveiled publicly next week at the Texas High School Coaches Association trade show in booth #5103.

The first Wireless Coaching Intercom™ designed specifically for today’s Up-Tempo game of football, the MV-AUDIBLE is a state-of-the-art coaching communications system with revolutionary technology that enhances the coaching experience. “MV-AUDIBLE takes communications on the gridiron to a whole new level,” said MULTIVOICE CEO and President, Ron Fraser. “The way we’ve designed the MV-AUDIBLE, it’s now possible to start out with a handful of systems and then add more as needed, without having to buy expensive Base Stations to upgrade. That means every single coach can have his own headset — which is absolutely critical to run, and defend, today’s go-go-go offenses. Why? “Because it’s not just about having the right game plan in place; you also need to ensure that every coach and every player is on the same page as quickly as possible. That means having the right technology, on the field and in the press box. And if you really want to perfect your Up-Tempo offense or defense, then you really need to practice while using your headsets — otherwise you’ll never be able to practice perfectly. And that’s what it takes to be perfect on the field come game time.”

A Communications Game Changer

Each wireless MV-AUDIBLE Intercom comes paired with either a double- or a single-ear, heavy-duty headset, and each paired system arrives at each school pre-configured by MULTIVOICE specifically for the requirements of each team. MV-AUDIBLE allows up to 17 coaches to speak simultaneously, with an unlimited number of coaches on each system in Listen Mode. However, any coach can quickly switch into Speaking Mode by quickly lowering his boom microphone and entering an open Talk Slot. Teams can also designate certain MV-AUDIBLE units as Priority systems that will always be guaranteed a Talk Slot, such as those used by head coaches and/or offensive or defensive coordinators. Setting up an MV-AUDIBLE network is as simple as powering on the units, connecting headsets, and turning on the microphones. In other words, coaches can be up and operational with MV-AUDIBLE in literally seconds. And because there are no complicated or expensive Base Stations with MV-AUDIBLE, the MULTIVOICE comms system is ideal for use during practices, scrimmages, and games — whether at home or on the road. “We really have done our best to make the MV-AUDIBLE so simple that a coach could have a Fifth Grader run and manage the units,” Fraser said. “But not only that, MV-AUDIBLE has a range of up to 4000 feet (greater distances possible with upgrades) and delivers up to 18 hours of actual Talk Time. In other words, coaches can spread out all over ‘Kingdom Come’ with our MV-AUDIBLEs during sultry summer two-a-days and not worry about batteries failing or not being able to hear each other. And because we’ve based the MV-AUDIBLE off the same platform we’ve designed for Police, Fire and Military use, this means MV-AUDIBLEs can take a beating and keep on running no problem, regardless of temperature or weather conditions.” Based upon preliminary testing, MULTIVOICE anticipates that many teams will assign their coaches to specific channels on their MV-AUDIBLE networks, such as Offense on Channel 1 and Defense on Channel 2. This approach allows teams to minimize discipline cross-talk and confusion among coaches, while maximizing communications efficiency. This approach also allows the head coach to simply switch from Offense to Defense as needed, while also providing two additional Channels for private conversations among coaches or between a player and a coach.

MV-AUDIBLE Specifications

MV-AUDIBLE Intercom enclosures measure 5.3×3.3×1.3-inches and are made from a hardened Polycarbonate-ABS black plastic blend, with each unit weighing 15.98 ounces, that is powered by two internal 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer batteries, supported with a 3.5-inch-high flexible antenna. The MV-AUDIBLE operates in the 900MHz band (specifically, 902—928MHz) and utilizes a patented mixture of TDMA (Time Division Multiplex Access), FDMA (Frequency Division Multiplex Access), 30-millisecond Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum, and proprietary communication protocols to automatically maintain connectivity within each MV-AUDIBLE “wireless mesh-network” while preventing eavesdropping and jamming. The MV-AUDIBLE is priced at $1,500.00 per unit (which includes either one single- or one double-ear heavy-duty headset), with an introductory rebate of $250.00 per unit from MULTIVOICE. MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms are available through MULTIVOICE’s dealer network, including Sideline Power, which is a Silver Sponsor of THSCA 2015 and is exhibiting at the trade show in Booth #10085. Additionally, MULTIVOICE will give away five (5) pairs of MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms at THSCA 2015, one pair each to five lucky schools. This giveaway is limited to high school coaches and athletic directors, but participants do not have to be present at the THSCA 2015 tradeshow/convention to win. Click here to enter the MULTIVOICE THSCA 2015 Giveaway and to learn more about the giveaway.


Formed in 2011, MULTIVOICE is poised to transform the two-way wireless radio industry (and the football coaching market) with its Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms — solutions that enable simultaneous and secure group communications among fearless individuals in rigorous environments. For more information please visit

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