MULTIVOICE Brings Intercom Capabilities to Push-to-Talk & P25 Radios with MV-COMBINER

MULTIVOICE allows PTT and P25 Radio users to hear multiple speakers simultaneously by connecting PTT or P25 Radios to a MULTIVOICE Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom (such as its MV-NEXUS) via MULTIVOICE’s new MV-COMBINER device. MV-COMBINER also allows groups of MULTIVOICE Intercom users to simultaneously speak to each other in real-time anywhere in North America via Cellular Networks. 182937                 PROVO, Utah, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — MULTIVOICE™ today announced its MV-COMBINER™ — a breakthrough communications device that brings intercom-like capabilities to Push-to-Talk and P25 Radio users throughout North America. MV-COMBINER is being showcased today and tomorrow (March 18—19, 2015) in Booth #2141 in the North Hall of the Las VegasConvention Center at IWCE 2015 (the International Wireless Communications Expo). The MV-COMBINER enables PTT and P25 Radio users to enhance their one-to-many voice communication capabilities by joining (orcombining) the many-to-many, Full-Multiplex™ functionalities of MULTIVOICE’s Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms™ with PTT and P25 Radios. As a result, PTT and P25 Radio users who connect their devices to a MULTIVOICE Intercom — such as MULTIVOICE’s newly announced MV-NEXUS™ — can hear up to eight MULTIVOICE Intercom users (or speak with up to 48 Intercom listeners) all at the same time. In addition, as long as the proper channel is open, the voice communications of any user on the same PTT or P25 network can also Be Heard™ by up to 48 MULTIVOICE Intercom users connected via an MV-COMBINER and vice versa. {NOTE: This also means that ANY PTT or P25 Radio user on the same network will also be able to hear the simultaneous voice comms of up to eight MULTIVOICE Intercom users at one time as long as
  • At least one MV-COMBINER is combined with the PTT or P25 network in question, and
  • The proper channels are open.}
“For decades, millions of Push-to-Talk Radio users have wanted to be able to simultaneously carry on many-to-many wireless conversations via PTT or P25 Radios,” said Ron Fraser, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MULTIVOICE. “We describe this as “Full-Multiplex communications,” which to us means many-to-many, simultaneous transmission and receiving (aka transceiving). This is only possible today via MULTIVOICE’s patented Switch-to-Talk™ technologies as deployed within our MV-COMBINER and Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms.” A total of up to 48 MULTIVOICE Intercoms can be joined together into one “self-healing” network comprised of up to six Mini-Groups of eight intercoms each. As a result, an MV-COMBINER can be used separately with each Mini-Group to enable real-time, Full-Multiplex comms with PTT or P25 Radio users. Or in a setting where more direct supervision is appropriate, an on-site Supervisor or Foreman can be equipped with an MV-COMBINER to allow his/her participation in combined communications among members of each individual intercom Mini-Group and PTT or P25 Radio user. “However, MULTIVOICE Intercoms also support an unlimited number of simultaneous users in Listen-Only mode,” Fraser added. “As a result, simultaneous communications between cellular, PTT and/or P25 Radio networks and MULTIVOICE Intercom users is NOT limited to just those Intercom users in Talk Mode. Instead, everyone on the MULTIVOICE Network is also able hear their counterparts on their respective PTT, P25 or Cellular Networks.” MV-COMBINER Also Joins Cellular Networks to MULTIVOICE Intercom Networks Additionally, the capabilities of the MV-COMBINER can be extended to the world of mobile phones and Cellular Networks. “For example, if a Supervisor needs to stay in touch with work crews at multiple sites, whether they’re next door to each other or at different sites across the country, MV-COMBINER makes that possible,” said Todd Rapier, Co-Founder and President of MULTIVOICE. “Simply make sure that the Foreman or Crew Chief on each site has connected his or her cell phone to a MULTIVOICE Intercom via an MV-COMBINER, then call that cell phone. BOOM! You’re instantly in Full-Multiplex mode with up to eight remote workers via your cell phone, meaning you can all talk to each other at the same time. And that’s not counting how many other workers you might have on a MULTIVOICE Network in Listen-Only mode. When you’re done, simply hang up; the Supervisor and crew will be able to continue on as before with on-site comms, while you are free to touch base with another Supervisor and crew at another site.” MV-COMBINER Specifications The MV-COMBINER measures 2.3×1.8×0.9-inches and weighs 1.8-ounces, not including cables, as cable lengths (and weights) may vary. The MV-COMBINER features one HIROSE locking connector and one PTT button on the top of the device, along with two cable connectors on the bottom of the device:
  • One for the MULTIVOICE Intercom connector, and
  • Another for connecting to a PTT or P25 Radio, or to a cell phone.
Additionally, MV-COMBINERs feature three, 3-position Switch-to-Talk switches on the front of each device. MV-COMBINERs will be available in limited quantities for initial testing and evaluation beginning March 30, with General Availability before July 1, 2015. Interested resellers, dealers and manufacturer rep firms can contact MULTIVOICE at 385-236-5111 or About MULTIVOICE Since its formation in 2011, MULTIVOICE has been developing and perfecting mobile, hands-free wireless systems that enable simultaneous and secure group communications among fearless individuals in rigorous environments. For more information please visit MULTIVOICE, the MULTIVOICE marks and logos, MV-COMBINER, Full-Multiplex, Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom, MV-NEXUS, Be Heard, and Switch-to-Talk are each trademarks of MULTIVOICE. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. CONTACT: David Politis, MULTIVOICE,, 385-375-8855(W) or 801-556-8184(C) Photo – Photo – Logo –