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OTTO Connect

Introducing OTTO Connect, manufactured by OTTO Engineering, Inc. OTTO Connect is the world’s first Wireless Mesh-Network Intercom™, a Full-Multiplex ™ communications device that allows groups of up to forty-three (43) users to simultaneously and securely transmit and receive in the same wireless network.

Works in any condition

With its easy functionality, incredible capabilities and sleek design, OTTO Connect is the ideal comms system for any work environment. Use it between a foreman and crew on a construction site,  or over the blaring noise on an oil rig. With OTTO Connect, you are assured that your crews will have clear, hands-free communication. This increases worker safety while reducing your stress.

As Rigorous as the People who use it

OTTO Connect is built by OTTO Engineering, Inc., to the same high quality standards as its other communications products. OTTO Connect is designed to address the communications needs of teams in the Commercial, Industrial, and various other markets. OTTO Connect systems are highly reliable in all environments: fog, driving rain, sleet, hailstorms, blizzard conditions and even hot, sultry summer days. Even more, OTTO Connect can withstand temperatures from – 40° to 185° and work up to 4000 feet apart (greater distances possible with upgrades). No matter who is using it or where it’s being used, OTTO Connect provides clear communication that will improve any work environment.



Dimensions: 5.3×3.3×1.3-inches
  • Foreman—Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
  • Crew—Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
Weight: 15.98 ounces
Antenna: 3.5-inches high
  • Antenna—HIROSE screw-on connector
  • Headset Cable—HIROSE locking connector
  • USB—miniUSB port


  • Two (2) internal, rechargeable 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer batteries
  • Rechargeable via miniUSB port
  • Talk Time: Up to 18 hours


On/Off Power Button Volume Up Button and Volume Down Button Channel Button Switch-to-Talk™/Mute Button Nine (9) LED indicator lights  


Maximum Output: 500mW Range: Up to 4000 feet (greater distances possible with upgrades) Frequency: 900MHz band (902—928MHz) Frequency Controls:
  • TDMA (Time Division Multiplex Access)
  • FDMA (Frequency Division Multiplex Access)
  • Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (every 30 miliseconds)
  • Proprietary wireless communication protocols, including auto-detect and shift-synchronization to automatically maintain connectivity within each mesh-network while preventing eavesdropping and jamming
  • Proprietary auto-volume normalization

OTTO Connect is manufactured and sold by OTTO Engineering Inc. For more information contact us at 847.428.7171 or