The MV-AUDIBLE Wireless Coaching Intercom™ is a state-of-the-art comms system that enhances the coaching experience. With MV-AUDIBLE, up to 17 coaches can speak simultaneously, with 8 coaches on either side of the ball and the Head Coach in the middle. This allows the head coach to toggle back and forth between offense and defense with a simple flip of a switch. MULTIVOICE’s founder, Ron Fraser, has 30+ years of experience creating state-of-the-art radio and communication systems for the U.S. Government and Defense Contractors. Recently Fraser turned his focus to the glaring weakness of coaching comms systems—the “Base Station.” When the Base Station fails, all communications fail, leading to disastrous game-time consequences. The MV-AUDIBLE is the world’s first Wireless Coaching Intercom, which integrates the capabilities of a Base Station within each MV-AUDIBLE unit. This integration allows coaching networks to continue functioning during any situation, whether during a game or on the practice field.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect; Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

During games, members of the coaching staff coordinate with each other over wireless comms systems. Yet, for a variety of reasons, during practice these systems are left unused and coaches communicate with each other and their team differently than on game day.
That made us ask the question, “Why practice differently than the way you play?” The answer is, “You shouldn’t.” The MV-AUDIBLE’s simple functionality and fast set-up allows coaches to communicate in practice just as they would during a game. Just turn it on and the system is ready to go. That’s it. There’s no frustrating and time-consuming setup. With MV-AUDIBLE, you can practice play-calling, stay in contact with different coaching units as they spread across the field or practice facility, and create a pattern of perfect practice that will translate into perfect coaching come game time.
And if you normally deploy coaches in a press box during games, imagine being able to do so during practices too. Thankfully, MV-AUDIBLE transforms this imaginary into reality. Simply send the right coaches to your press box with MV-AUDIBLE Intercoms and “Bingo!”—they can coach during practice just as they do during game time.



Dimensions: 5.3×3.3×1.3-inches
  • Polycarbonate – ABS Blend
Weight: 15.98 ounces
Antenna: 3.5-inches high
  • Antenna—HIROSE screw-on connector
  • Headset Cable—HIROSE locking connector
  • USB—miniUSB port


  • Two (2) internal, rechargeable 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer batteries
  • Rechargeable via miniUSB port
  • Talk Time: Up to 18 hours


On/Off Power Button Volume Up Button and Volume Down Button Channel Button Switch-to-Talk™/Mute Button Four (4) LED indicator lights  


Maximum Output: 500mW Range: Up to one 4000 feet (greater distances possible with upgrades) Frequency: 900MHz band (902—928MHz) Frequency Controls:
  • TDMA (Time Division Multiplex Access)
  • FDMA (Frequency Division Multiplex Access)
  • Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (every 30 milliseconds)
  • Proprietary wireless communication protocols, including auto-detect and shift-synchronization to automatically maintain connectivity within each mesh-network while preventing eavesdropping and jamming
  • Proprietary auto-volume normalization

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